Cap Terms Glossary

Want to understand what a crown is or the Petersham ribbon? Whatever the case may be, hat terms can get a little overwhelming. Our hat glossary will help you sort through the jargon...


Newsboy cap

The newsboy cap is a cap of many names – Bakerboy cap, Newsie hat, Gatsby, Bandit, Ivy. It has eight panels with a button on top and with a peak in front of the shell. The peak is usually 2 to 2.5 inches (5cm to 6.5cm) long and does not just fulfil an aesthetic function.


Flat cap

It is a rounded cap made of two panels, which are with a button attached to the peak in front, originating in Britain and Ireland.


Bakerboy cap

Another classical cap shape, bakerboy cap has a recognisable flat circular top panel and a more pointy peak in front. 


Cotton twill

Cotton twill type of fabric that is used for the summer caps and the lining of all models. It almost hat it all - extreme durability, comfort, softness, and it breathes.



The natural woollen fabric we use is woven in England by one of the last remaining vertical woollen mills in Great Britain. The material is ideal for the caps intended for colder months as it keeps the wearer warm, but at the same time, it is comfortable and breathable. 


Sweatband/Petersham ribbon

Or part of the lining which is at the edge of the cap. It ensures the fit of the cap, and it gives structure. For the sweatband, we use Petersham ribbon as it makes the cap supremely comfortable and it gives the lining of the cap a unique premium look.



It is a layer of material between the lining and an outer shell that gives a cap a structure.



It is the material located inside of the cap that secures the comfort of wearing it. Our linings are all made of 100% high-quality cotton, which is easy on skin or hair and breathes well.



From at least the time of Queen Elizabeth I, the Parish of St Olave's, Bermondsey, was once the centre of hat-making in London and was called the "Hatters Paradise". Our name Bercle got inspired by word Bermondsey.


Part of the hat that encircles the entire crown, which functions as rain or sun protection. It is measured by width from the crown.


It is the upper part of a hat or cap that encloses the wearer's head.



Center of crown inside a hat or cap.