Hi, We're Bercle London...



Hi, We’re  Bercle London – a headwear brand crafting elegant and contemporary pieces for everyday use. We launched our brand via the Kickstarter, and here we want to share with you more about how Bercle came to be.

Bercle was founded by Peter who at first enjoyed wearing caps occasionally, but it wasn't until he was 21 years old that he lost all of his hair due to alopecia and hats became more than a seldom accessory –  a daily companion. He'd wear all kinds of hats, exploring different materials and styles. As his interest grew so did his understanding of the craft and brands on the market, shapes, and materials and how they changed seasonally. 

Throughout the year's Peter noticed that through daily usage, he was also facing a daily struggle - to find a truly unique and great hat. All the baseball caps looked too casual, and flat caps looked outdated. He was searching for headwear that would fit his lifestyle. A hat he could wear every day, be it at university or later at work or on a night out. But could such a hat with the perfect fit, stylish look and feel even exist? 

The journey of finding the perfect hat took him to London, the home of artisan hatmakers that have throughout the years mastered their craft. However, after browsing through all traditional hat makers shops around Regent street as well as iconic department stores, he was intrigued and frustrated to find out that the limited selection of caps was usually hidden on the bottom shelf in the corner of a shop and they were completely out of fashion.

So the story of BERCLE LONDON came to be, a brand based on heritage, craftsmanship, quality, elegance, and most of all British style. Classical headwear with a twist unified in one brand and one experience.

Our name stems from the amalgamation of the words' Bermondsey' (an area in London known for the oldest British hat makers) and 'circle' (the oval shape of the hat).

The idea for our logo was inspired by how the classic, traditional buildings in Bermondsey complimented with the modern city skyline, and the shard emerging behind them. This is how the letter 'B' and the Shard came to life in our Bercle logo and brand.


"We celebrate individuality and the ever-optimistic youthful spirit by breaking conventions while staying true to our London roots."


"We create timeless pieces made to last. We want to be a lifestyle brand that chooses longevity and craftsmanship over passing trends."


"Our core brand colours represent the London skyline. A mixture of classic Victorian houses with their typical white windows and beige facades merging with blue glass-covered skyscrapers."


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We look forward to welcoming you to our community.


Founder I CEO