Buy better. Keep forever.

In a world of fast fashion, people expect new products here, now, and cheap, however, we should not be ignorant of the consequences this behaviour has. We at Bercle would like to do things differently and make pieces that last. We say, buy better, and keep forever.

Our goal is to create caps that will improve the lives of every involved stakeholder and will not harm the environment in the production process.


The manufacturer

Our caps are hand-made by specialised sewists in a family business near Montappone, Italy. The company supports the local community and local supply chain by bringing back jobs while preserving the heritage and artisan skills.

The fabrics

All our fabrics are of high-quality and sourced from the well-respected supplier within the industry. E.g. Our wool fabric is crafted from 100% wool sourced from New Zealand and South Africa and woven by one of the last remaining vertical woollen mills in England.

The branding

We teamed up with a Swedish garment accessory specialist with a subsidiary in Hong-Kong, which especially focusses on having a low environmental impact. As a result, we use only recycled polyester for the labels and organic cotton for the hang-tag seal.

More than just a brand

We support Alopecia UK and offer additional benefits to people impacted by the condition.