A hat with a big personality. 


A bridge between heritage and modern design. 


A classy touch to any outfit.

Beige Cotton Newsboy Cap

Great cap for pairing with my outfits and being water-resistant comes handy in London.

David Calderon @driftingdcal
Blue Wool Flat Cap

The cap fits perfectly and keeps my hair dry and unruffled no matter the weather.

Rachael Epstein @thebrunettebardot_
Grey Wool Flat Cap

The cap adds a classy touch to any outfits. I especially like the details and the material.

Andrea Luceri @andrealuceri

4 things that make it unique

Rather than being trend-driven, we favour enduring style with collections made to last beyond seasons. Throughout the product development, we have thought hard what would you appreciate most in a...

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Buy better. Keep forever.

In a world of fast fashion, people expect new products here, now, and cheap, however, we should not be ignorant of the consequences this behaviour has. We at Bercle would...

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Cap Terms Glossary

Want to understand what a crown is or the Petersham ribbon? Whatever the case may be, hat terms can get a little overwhelming. Our hat glossary will help you sort...

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